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Interested in Saskatoon real estate… and especially in new construction homes? You are in luck! Saskatoon and the surrounding bedroom communities are under incredible growth. New neighbourhoods are opening or expanding in every direction and many quality builders are bringing exciting new home plans, to the market.

I have a passion for new construction and as a result, have handled hundreds of new construction transaction while bringing together buyers and builders.

Each type of sale required a different combination of skills. Some homes sold in the blueprint stage with only a stake in the ground; others sold while under construction, some were fully completed, and others were fully customized.

But regardless of the specifics, each of my new construction clients had my dedication, commitment and the benefit of my new construction property listings knowledge. If you are looking to buy a home with confidence in an exciting new construction real estate market, contact me to discuss your ideas. It will be a pleasure to meet with you and to share my knowledge.

Buying a New Construction Home and What to First Consider

When going to buy a home in a new construction real estate market there will be a series of items to consider while browsing property listings for new construction and under construction homes.

Make certain that the building site, future surrounding properties, floor plan and finishing materials will add up to your expectations - and support the asking price.

Be assured that the builder is reputable, qualified, and in good standing with a reputable warranty company.

Understand how you will be protected against unmet expectations

Examine real estate market trends and their potential upside effect on your selected property listings

Know that your chosen REALTOR® has the resources and experience to help you assess all pertinent details before entering into a final purchase agreement.

Understand that new construction property listings and purchases require a unique touch, one of precision, attention to detail and experience. Contact Mercina Kokkas REALTOR® for your new construction real estate needs.

I want you to be delighted with your new construction home. No matter if it will be completely customizing or selected from one of the under-construction property listings, I will help you explore builders, layouts, neighbourhoods and lots, and work with you from beginning to end.

Find the Property Listings Right for You

Buying property is a momentous occasion… and navigating a real estate market full of opportunity with new construction property listings can be overwhelming. With professional assistance, it can be engaging and fun!

When you go to buy a home, find someone with the experience to deal with new construction homes in a quickly-changing real estate market.

Turn to Mercina Kokkas for the special skills needed - find your new construction dream home – and proceed with confidence!

Contact Mercina Kokkas REALTOR®, and let her guide you through the process. Buy a home true to your expectations and be delighted with the end result!