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Do you want to sell a condo but aren’t sure how to approach today’s real estate market? Are you feeling that selling your condominium is a detailed process and not sure where to begin? Selling your condominium need not be complicated. I have helped countless individuals and families sell a condo in the Saskatoon real estate market with terrific results – and can do the same for you!

Learn more about selling your condominium in this real estate market and how you can do so with confidence and ease.

Selling Your Condominium: What You Need to Know

Selling your condominium is much like selling a home. The fundamentals of the real estate market – how to interpret supply and demand, market a property, find a buyer and make the financials work – are all the same.

The exception is that there may be policies, budget or maintenance details that could affect property value or determine how and to whom the unit will be advertised.

Therefore, when meeting with me to sell a condo for the first time, I will ask:

• Are there any restrictions to placing For Sale signage on the property?

• Where are the parking spots situated?

• Is there additional parking available that may be rented and what is the cost?

• Where is extra storage located?

• What amenities does the building offer?

• Details on pet or tenant restrictions.

• Contact information for the President or VP of the Condo Board (in case there is not a management company contracted).

• Details on condo fees and what they include or do not include (i.e. some buildings cover window replacement, while others do not).

• Are there pending condo fee increases or pending major repairs, such as driveway resurfacing, heating system or roof replacement/repairs?

• Is the reserve fund in decent shape?

Additionally, I will collect contact information for your property manager, who will have the answers to any questions you cannot answer.

The unique arrangement of a condominium complex means I will need to ensure all bases are covered for when potential buyers come calling. That is why I make sure to gather all relevant information, personally review it with an experienced eye and address all the potential buyer’s questions and concerns in advance. Preparation is key for when you go to sell a condo. Putting you in the best possible circumstances for a successful sale.

Sell a Condo with Trust and Confidence

Selling a condominium can be intimidating for some. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

I have helped many condo owners in the Saskatoon area sell their condos with great success, and will give you the same reliable, trusted, and proven support. If you are interested in selling a condominium and need an experienced REALTOR®, contact Mercina Kokkas today.

With the right guidance, your unit will be sold in no time!