For Sale By Owner vs. Hiring a REALTOR®

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One of my main goals as a REALTOR® is in helping you sell a house with confidence. Planning to sell a home without interruption to everyday life, litigation problems, risk to personal security or potential for loss of time and money, without a REALTOR® is risky. Subsequently the many For Sale By Owner homes that eventually sell, do so once a REALTOR® steps in.

Learn more about why you should consider hiring a real estate agent dedicated to helping you sell a house instead of planning to sell a home on your own.

Helping You Sell a House With Ease

When you go down the For Sale By Owner path, you are essentially going it alone – betting that you can sell a home as quickly and for as much money as a seasoned real estate professional.

Fortunately for you, this is not something you have to do. Rather than For Sale By Owner, you can work with a REALTOR®.

A REALTOR® offers terrific advantages when you sell a home – advantages that putting your home up For Sale By Owner just doesn’t offer.

Through accumulated experiences, a REALTOR® will know details about a home’s vintage and construction methods, the pros and cons regarding the neighbourhood and market conditions. And a REALTOR® will advise accordingly. A REALTOR® will also be familiar with the sensitive paperwork needed when dealing with a transaction and assure that your contract does not become invalid or non-binding.

A REALTOR® also offers the tough negotiating skills you’ll need to get the most value from your home – something that is very intimidating for many people who want to try For Sale By Owner. Negotiating with a professional by your side can save thousands!

Finally, the REALTOR® will also send all pertinent documents to the seller, lawyer and lender on your behalf and basically look after the hundreds of details that collectively go into a successful real estate transaction.

Making Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

It is not possible to cover every possible scenario as each transaction will be as unique as the parties involved. The key is to be extremely informed or allow a professional to guide you. This way, you will have every advantage.

As a REALTOR®, I will invest in helping you sell a house in an efficient, painless, and smooth manner – one in which you will be in the hands of a professional you can trust. I pride myself in reliable, dedicated, and effective service. If you are considering For Sale By Owner but are unsure if you prefer a professional to handle all the work, consider a For Sale By Owner consultation with Mercina. Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

• What to do if the buyer needs to sell a home first but still wants to buy your home.

• Market conditions and indicators - How long have comparable homes taken to sell, didn’t sell and at what asking price. How long your home will take to sell, based on market saturation and buyer demand.

• Marketing -what marketing plan and advertising venues are best for your specific property.

• How MLS works.

• Setting the price -How much of a gap to allow between your asking price and desired selling price, and what are comparable homes selling for.

• Working with a lawyer – What to know.

• Negations – How to sell a home to a tough negotiator and win.

For Sale By Owner can be exceedingly difficult and involve a lot of stress and disruption to day-to-day life. Trust in a REALTOR® with the experience to guide you through the process and be by your side the whole way.

Contact Mercina Kokkas today to learn more about how you can sell a home – and find someone committed to helping you sell a house the right way!