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Do you want to sell a home? Want the value to reflect what you’ve put into it over the years and what you feel you deserve? Need someone to help you navigate the long and often challenging maze of not just selling your property, but selling your property well?

If so, rely on a trusted real estate professional who understands the Saskatoon real estate market: Mercina Kokkas REALTOR®!

When Selling Your Property, Trust in will help you sell a home with confidence and ease.

Selling your property is a big job, with many factors to consider, tasks to juggle and legalities to understand. Sell a home with an experienced REALTOR®, and the 100-plus, associated tasks will be handled while you carry on with your work and leisure life.

Begin the process by selecting a REALTOR® who:

• Understands the current real estate market.

• Explains the process used to price a home.

• Suggests ways to increase your home’s value.

• Suggests ways to enhance a home’s features and curb appeal.

• Has a marketing strategy.

• Will promote to a vibrant network of agents and buyers.

• Is able to think like a buyer and prepare for objections in advance.

Sell a home with an experienced hand. Allow me to help you, price and promote your home, cover the details and get you its maximum return with ease and confidence.

My Process and Principles When Selling Your Property

The time has come. You want to sell a home and naturally, have questions and concerns.

You want assurance that the transition will be smooth for you and those you love, and you want to sell a home knowing you will get the best possible return on your investment.

I take great pride in looking after my clients and enjoy organizing the many details that make each home sale a success.

The process starts with a meeting where we will first discuss your expectations, goals and future housing plans then we will cover:

• Local real estate market conditions

• The current length of time homes such as yours’ have taken to sell

• Home improvements to increase sale price

• How your home’s value will be assessed

• How your home will be marketed

Plus we will discuss any ideas or questions you may have. My aim will be for you to feel informed, comfortable and confident with the process before we begin selling your property. Professionalism with a personal touch is how I built my business and why I love what I do.

Let me help you begin the real estate market selling process by starting with a consultation. It will be time well spent. Take on the real estate market with a trusted Saskatoon REALTOR® committed to your success.